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Essential Website Testing

This service is all about quickly validating that your website does what it’s supposed to across a range of browsers and devices.

You may be aiming to release a new website or a new version of an existing website and looking for that extra assurance that testing it could provide.  This service is a very sharp and efficient test of your sites readiness at a low cost. Having a functional website is critical for any business and a poorly functioning site will simply drive site traffic away.

Testlake can assist you in establishing or determining the readiness of your website as part of a beta testing or a soft launch stage. We work with you to determine key areas of testing to focus on and our experienced Testlakers will test those functional aspects of your website using exploratory test techniques.  You’ll get a full report detailing what has been done and we’ll highlight any areas we observe to be a concern. Having an independent quality check such as our Essential Website Testing service can be highly cost effective and reduce the instances of poor customer interactions.

The Essential Website Testing service can also be expanded to cover other test areas or extend the test coverage as you require. We can structure this testing service to be provided on a regular basis as part of, or even as your regression testing process. Additionally, if you want testing expertise during early site development stages we can help here too alongside development activity.

It’s fast and easy to put this service in place. Get in touch as below or see the how it works page for an overview of the process.