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Internet of Things Product Testing

So you’ve created a product or device and to test it is going to take a concentrated effort. Perhaps you don’t have the time or the people in place to do this or just need some extra testing help during a key stage of the project?

Testlake offer this specific testing service designed to assist or deliver testing for any product or device. A ‘product’ can be a device other hardware you have built yourself, bought in or are modifying.  The growth of internet enabled products determines a significant requirement for testing them. Such products are rendered useless when their underlying software fails and any minor fault or poor functionality can prove to be a major factor in negative consumer feedback which can influence future purchases among consumer groups. By testing you reduce the risk of such events and negative product perceptions.

Testlake works with you from start to finish or joins your product development on request at specific stages of your development. We’ll provide expert testing input from our skilled Testlakers and give you greater insight into product confidence levels before making business decisions about your product. We can remain independent of your team or become part of it as you wish, we can test both product and/or the underlying software it operates.

This testing service would cover multiple areas and testing performed by a specific demographic user group that you may identify to us as a preference.

Get in touch as below or see the how it works page for an overview of the process.