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Test on Request (ToR)

Our testing services can be delivered as part of a one off development or as part of your ongoing release process no matter how small or large that testing requirement is.
You may be a small or medium sized business, a technology start up or even a large enterprise organisation. Testlake can step in and fill any testing gaps or boost any existing test efforts you have in place.

Test on Request is exactly what you want it to be. We deliver remotely, on site or a mixture of both as you wish. Need a single tester for an hour, a day, a week or a month or a team of testers? We are ready to provide testing services to suit your requirement.

Testlake services are a great support for startup companies that have little or no approach to testing. We can greatly decrease the risk of launching a poor quality product and give you significant feedback wherever you are in the development process.

We also have formidable experience of working with business users and getting the best out of acceptance testing phases. Testlake can assist or direct your business users in UAT/BAT type activities or even take on much of the testing in this areas so that you get the best out of business users’ valuable time and the most out of this crucial testing period.

Testlake offers real flexibility and a very wide area of expertise across multiple business domains.


Essential Website Testing

This service is all about quickly validating that your website does what it’s supposed to across a range of browsers and devices.

You may be aiming to release a new website or a new version of an existing website and looking for that extra assurance that testing it could provide.  This service is a very sharp and efficient test of your sites readiness at a low cost. Having a functional website is critical for any business and a poorly functioning site will simply drive site traffic away.

Testlake can assist you in establishing or determining the readiness of your website as part of a beta testing or a soft launch stage. We work with you to determine key areas of testing to focus on and our experienced Testlakers will test those functional aspects of your website using exploratory test techniques.  You’ll get a full report detailing what has been done and we’ll highlight any areas we observe to be a concern. Having an independent quality check such as our Essential Website Testing service can be highly cost effective and reduce the instances of poor customer interactions.

The Essential Website Testing service can also be expanded to cover other test areas or extend the test coverage as you require. We can structure this testing service to be provided on a regular basis as part of, or even as your regression testing process. Additionally, if you want testing expertise during early site development stages we can help here too alongside development activity.


Mobile Application Testing

Thorough and effective testing of mobile apps is a hugely important factor that greatly influences the success or failure of any mobile application. Distribute any mobile application that doesn’t work or perform well and you’ve wasted a lot of effort and money as might the consumer of the app.  A consumer of your mobile application can easily grow a negative experience into a damaging review or rating.

Testlake can help you to reduce the risk of releasing a poorly perceived product with a range of test coverage for functional and non-functional attributes of your application across a wide selection of devices, operating systems and browsers. We have Testlakers with deep mobile testing experience that can ease the complexity of testing mobile apps.

Increase your chances of releasing a great app with Testlake.


User Experience (UX) Crowd Validation Testing

Testlake can take your product through an extensive UX exercise ​with ​our diverse demographic community of Testlakers ​from the global Testlake Community.​ We can provide vital insight from real users on any digital product during early development or during later development stages.

Our community can be deployed rapidly and we can target or focus the testing among a specific demographic group or groups of your preference. Completion reports that breakdown user journeys and metrics are provided and this includes feedback on areas or patterns that have been observed during testing.

The UX crowd validation service gives you a great opportunity to get rapid feedback from a large demographic ​group ​of users ahead of a full scale release to market. The UX crowd validation service can also work alongside your CX efforts or conduct tests as part of A/B testing or multivariate (MVT) testing activity.


Internet of Things Product Testing

So you’ve created a product or device and to test it is going to take a concentrated effort. Perhaps you don’t have the time or the people in place to do this or just need some extra testing help during a key stage of the project?

Testlake offer this specific testing service designed to assist or deliver testing for any product or device. A ‘product’ can be a device other hardware you have built yourself, bought in or are modifying.  The growth of internet enabled products determines a significant requirement for testing them. Such products are rendered useless when their underlying software fails and any minor fault or poor functionality can prove to be a major factor in negative consumer feedback which can influence future purchases among consumer groups. By testing you reduce the risk of such events and negative product perceptions.

Testlake works with you from start to finish or joins your product development on request at specific stages of your development. We’ll provide expert testing input from our skilled Testlakers and give you greater insight into product confidence levels before making business decisions about your product. We can remain independent of your team or become part of it as you wish, we can test both product and/or the underlying software it operates.

This testing service would cover multiple areas and testing performed by a specific demographic user group that you may identify to us as a preference.